Sunday, November 1, 2009

Republican Extremism

I am always amazed whenever a conservative wave sweeps the Republican base (conservatives make up the majority of Republicans and Independents) and the media screams EXTREMISM. But this time it's so laughable I must blog on the topic.

Let's see, in 2008 the Republican party nominated a guy who is a little to the right of Joe Lieberman (Democratic Vice Presidential candidate in 2000). This resulted in disgust in the base and zero political capitol or influence. We went so far left that McCain and his 'buddies' were in agreement with the Democrats that the 'era of Reagan ism' is over. That's like saying the era of the Constitution of the United States is over (though I expect to hear that any day out of this white house).

Short story here is Obama used ALL of his political and partisan capital getting an 'anti-stimulus' package passed while jobs continued to decline and the market floundered. April 15 rolled around and hundreds of thousands of 'Conservatives', liberals, independents and republicans (Americans) rallied in various sites called 'Tea Parties (Suggested by a CNBC financial guy named Rick Santelli). This was a classic free speech and assembly constitutional right being exercised and The White House and Congress were quick to belittle the numbers dismissing the people as Republican fanatics that were disgruntled because the lost the election to a black man (same was repeated by the 'talking heads 'all over the network and cable shows). The news networks and all cable except FOX denounced the protesters as 'tea baggers', a disgusting sexually deviant (many apologized later claiming ignorance). The PEOPLE got pissed and felt dissed.

Enter the health care reform bill, again Obama tried to use his political persuasion (along with a majority in both houses of congress) to get health care reform passed before the end of July break. Whew! We dodged a bullet thanks to Sarah Palin calling them on 'death panels' and shining a light on the mostly hidden and harmful provisions in the bill. Then came the Townhall meetings in August and those Pissed/Dissed tea party participants got a crack at the very people who had dissed them. Wow, we saw passion in our citizens that hasn't been seen in decades. Alot of people at this point realized that what they believe in their heart of hearts puts them into the conservative category.

September 12th, 1 to 2 million march on Washington DC, coalitions formed now between Town Haller's and Tea Partier's along with many other conservative organizations. The movement grew and continued to grow in a conservative vane. Again White House and Congress unsuccessfully tried to minimize the numbers and the character of those who marched. American freedom is feeling good to these folks about now with a couple of elections approaching in November.

Governors of New Jersey and Virgina are up for re-election on November 3rd and the Democrat incumbents are losing in their respective polls to their Republican challengers. In upstate NY in a special election in district 23, there was another very liberal running on the Republican ticket Dierdre Scozzafava, suddenly a very conservative Doug Hoffman, who is virtually unknown enters the race and shoots in front of both Democrat and Republican opponents with endorsements from Sarah Palin and Tim Pawlenty. The network and cable news (except for FOX again) reports on a month old poll put out on the Daily KOS (ultra-liberal website) trying to mask for as long as possible the real feelings of the people of district 23. The actual current poll showed Hoffman leading a week before it was ever reported.

So now that there is a real possibility for Hoffman to win in district 23 Republican Dierdre Scozzafava withdraws from the race and endorses her Democrat counterpart (shocked?). The media is already rehearsing how they will report the Hoffman victory with this headline today..


Are you KIDDING ME? We have a socialist in the white house with socialists ruling the Senate and House. The Socialist President is surrounding himself with avowed communists and socialists, to whom he has given unconstitutional power. This administration and congress has strayed as far away from the guiding principals of our founding documents, as has ever been done before.. And because We The People have stood up like our founding fathers and said STOP IT, we are causing the GOP to go to the extreme??!?

It seems to me that one constant message and action of this administration and congress has been to consistently suppress the voice of the people. We have in essence been told to 'Sit down and shut up'. We are pissed and we feel dissed~

We are going to see Democrats defeated roundly on November 3rd and a real referendum against Obama in the 2010 elections. This should stop the bleeding but they will need to be sharp on 'damage control until the 2012 elections where the conservative voice of the people will be heard in a landslide election. California is turning Red in 2012!!

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by David W. Andersen