Monday, June 6, 2011

Main Stream Media Don't Get It

To say the mainstream media (MSM) hates Sarah Palin is like saying the Sun is hot. Within weeks of her introduction to the national stage in September of 2008, the MSM started chasing down every rumor and innuendo that hit their in-boxes and ears with a ferocity that, by comparison, makes Grover Norquist come across as mildly opposed to, but mostly indifferent toward, tax hikes. The MSM started digging into everything Palin and haven’t stopped. Her every tweet reorganizes MSNBC’s prime-time line-up.

Oddly, while spending the last 3 years telling the American public how irrelevant she is, they’ve covered her more than nearly anyone, with the exception of the “The One,” President Obama. So when she announced she was going on a bus tour of historic sites on the East Coast, the MSM mouth-frothing started.

But a funny thing happened on the way to...wherever.

Almost immediately the MSM started complaining about how Palin was treating them on a trip she didn’t invite them on. They complainedof being treated like paparazzi and not getting her schedule, that she was putting uninvited reporters’ lives at risk by not telling them where they were going next, someone named Martin Bashir (don’t waste your time looking him up) even claimed the whole thing might be illegalbecause she had a bus with the American flag on it (that eye-roll you just did is a natural reaction to disgust).

One of the most petty attacks came from The Washington Post, where Amy Gardner asserted the whole thing was “more of a whirlwind of photo-ops than a deep dive into American history” because she didn’t spend hours at each stop. Seems Ms. Gardner brought at stopwatch with her, noting the Palin family only spent 45 minutes at George Washington’s home, 30 minutes at the National Archives, 20 minutes at Fort McHenry and less than an hour at Independence Hall. Having been to all of those locations several times, I can tell you that’s plenty of time at each. These places aren’t huge, they aren’t the Louvre. Add to that the burden of disrupting the experience of everyone else there because the MSM forms a conga line of distraction and annoyance at every stop, and you might begin to see why she didn’t spend more time at each.

After nearly 3 years of dishonest attacks and innuendo against her, her husband, her beliefs and her children by the media, it’s ironic to see the MSM complain that SHE is treating THEM poorly. They’re like an abusive husband who thinks his wife should be grateful that he took off his rings when he hit her this time. Palin would have none of it, she was a class-act throughout, and was greeted by surprised adoring fans everywhere she went. That, more than anything else, is the real root of the MSM’s vitriol. Despite their best efforts to destroy her, she is exposing just how irrelevant they are.

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by David W. Andersen