Friday, June 10, 2011

Wisdom and Advice

Wisdom and Advice
by David W. Andersen ©2011

“Never Be Mean”, “Always Be Nice”
These statements are considered ‘Good Advice’
A wise man was asked how he became so wise
He straighten his back with a gleam in his eyes
He Said “Wisdom is judged by good choices we make
To choose to be real and not to be fake”
When asked how his choices became so good
He took a deep breath, abruptly stood
He said “Now this is the part that is so sad
A wise man in the making starts by choices made bad
So to us who are striving to become very wise
We will make bad choices or cover with lies
But if we can learn from bad choices that’s nice
For we will end up giving ‘Good Advice’


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  2. I like this poem. It inspired me and has an impact on the meaning of Wisdom.


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by David W. Andersen