Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Will We Ever Elect A Conservative President Again?!

In the news today is the uprising of violence in Russia over the perceived vote rigging that gave Vladimir Putin's political party a narrow majority victory. With reports of 1st hand accounts of voting fraud Mikhail Gorbachev, 80 year old former president of Russia, said they need to nullify the elections or face the growing unrest and violence.

Hmmm.. we have occupy wall street, the darlings of the media now, who could stage an 'unrest' after an Obama landslide defeat, and can you see President Clinton saying "we need to nullify the election or face the rising unrest"? I sure can.

With this type of pressure to squelch the will of the people will we ever see a conservative candidate elected to the Presidency in our country again!?

The problem with Russia is they decided to dole out freedom like debit cards. Once you have used up all your freedom you have no more freedom to use. That didn't work so well because in the infamous words of Jeff Goldblum in Jarrasic Park "Life will find a way". So too will freedom find a way. Russia is about to experience a revolution because a generation has tasted freedom.

If the people's will is countermanded one more time in the United States I fear the outcome. The citizens of the United States have the right to bear arms but for the stated purpose of defending themselves against a tyrannical government! Nobody ever quotes the full amendment. The Liberals are always characterizing the tea party and conservatives as dangerous gun toting radicals. Maybe one reason for that is we have that right in the face of an oppressive government. They should be very afraid if they continue down this European style socialist road we are on. I don't know if you heard but Gun Sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday were up over previous years by 33%! Unfortunately, people are preparing for the worst.

We are a nation of Laws but isn't it interesting that our nation gained it's freedom by disobeying the law to pay an unreasonable tax on tea? You can only push free people so far with laws before you pay the ultimate price by the uprising of citizens that say 'enough is enough'.

What do you think? Can we politically oust the socialist element from our government and begin getting back to our conservative roots or is it going to take an uprising like hasn't been seen since 1776? I am hoping for the former..

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by David W. Andersen