Thursday, May 14, 2009

Liar Liar

This week has been a doozy for Mr. Obama as we have seen his politicking and grand standing come to the train wreck of the following..

a) Signing the 'Closing of Guantanamo Bay' in his first few days in office and treating us like idiots when we asked "What are you going to do with the detainees?" He practically announced 'MISSION ACCOMPLISHED' before the ink was dry. Now he has to either let everyone see his 'pants on fire' OR he will have to actually put these horrible people somewhere in America (since no other country will touch them). If he does what he says and brings them here .. his popularity will drop quickly and the Political mass exodus will begin. Obama will find himself in an ugly power struggle against a united Democratic congress. If this became a PPV event I'd subscribe!

b) Again in a grand gesture in his thousandth press conference he declared that water boarding IS torture. He originally said he would not support going after any members of the previous administration for this but he wanted to look forward. Then he said hmmm well maybe I won't go after them but I will allow my attorney general (who is non partisan and bursting with moral integrity) to make the decision whether or not to prosecute. Then everyone wanted a scape goat so they said they were going to go after the lawyers who advised Bush that water boarding is legal, and get them all disbarred. Then in the spirit of all this he was going to release thousands of pictures of detainee abuse at the hands of American soldiers, and at the request of the ACLU. (of course, he had to tell them to make the request first). So yesterday he made another announcement that his pants once again were a freaking inferno, and denied the release of the photos.

c) Finally, Nancy Pelosi in her fifth attempt to tell a version of the truth about her CIA briefing, what she knew and when she knew it, had another media meltdown and accused the CIA of lying to Congress. The assertion was not accompanied by a legal allegation of this very serious charge, however and the CIA is now asking Nancy to put up or shut up. "Where are her notes from the briefings?" We will show you ours if you show us yours.

UPDATE: Her latest version includes President bush, an alien and a minister walking into a bar..

So, all of the activities of this week are intrinsic to the overall moral and political stature of President Barack Obama. He is on track for the term 'Failed Presidency' to be used years before it's time and if I were part of his cabinet I would call the Political 911 hot line to 'put him out'.

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  1. It doesn't surprise me President Obama is in this situation. Throughout his entire campaign he spoke of change coming up roses. Well, now he must either follow through with the shut down of Gitmo and risk low polls or he'll be declared a charlatan for keeping Gitmo open. Either way, this is a blatant hiccup.


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