Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Phase one is complete in the great 'Socialism' transition.
  1. People are now getting used to the language change from Billions to Trillions. No major objections. People are a bit uncomfortable but not enough to threaten the majority power in Congress.

  2. People are comfortable with the promise of programs such as free health care, first time home buyer bonuses, and government owned banks.
  3. People don't seem to mind that the government is owning car companies, firing CEO's and dictating what kind of cars must be built.

  4. In addition, the card check policy which is designed to intimidate people into voting for more unions, is designed to generate more revenue for union bosses to donate to Democratic candidates .. ensuring an ongoing majority and transition to socialism.

Socialism can be described economically as spending vs. GDP (gross domestic product). Socialist spending ranges from 20-40% of GDP. Everyone receives many free benefits but EVERYONE pays taxes and alot of them!

Under George Bush we spent something like 3% of GDP at most. Currently Obama is on a 12% spending vs. GDP and his proposals will take us to that 20% mark. The only difference is that Obama is promising that us 'Middle Classers' will not have to pay 'One penny in new taxes'. I hate to inform all you lab rats out there but this is an impossibility.

Phase Two- The Obama administration has two choices moving forward.

  1. Choice one: Obama has to sell the idea to a majority of Americans that they are better off all paying more taxes in order to achieve the "European" style benefits. The problem is that it would result in large debates with alot of opinions pro and con. This could take time and Obama is likely out on his royal butt in 2012.

  2. Choice two: Obama has a majority in the congress until at least 2010. He could secretly pass bills to create the infrastructure that would accomplish the goals of socialism. Since he has already taken this approach thus far, one would expect that he will do as much damage as possible to our freedoms before the American people find him out.

What would be the appeal of transitioning America to socialism ? The only possible benefit would be for politicians in power to control the masses. We the people would cease to have the right to speak freely without losing our benefits. Sort of like Obama telling Governor Arnold of California that if he cuts union wages he does not get the stimulus money. This will become a normal persuasion in the new socialism. You want to protest the government, fine you have freedom of speech but we are going to discontinue your health coverage etc...

Let us pray:

  1. Republicans take back congress in 2010

  2. Obama's Teleprompter goes on the blink

  3. Truth about Obama's agenda gets out into the public eye

  4. There is a military coup before Socialism becomes set in stone

Remember, after Hitler was elected he ruled Germany with an iron fist within a week..

..Conservatives are the new Jews

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by David W. Andersen