Friday, November 5, 2010

Blog Comment Of The Day

Every once in awhile I read a story and browse the comments. This is one of the best rants I have seen in awhile:

A Democrat lies about everything (Obama), lies about his military service (Blumenthal), sells his vote (Stupak), has an extramarital affair (Clinton), cheats on his taxes (Rangle), accepts bribes (Murtha RIP), takes bribes (Jefferson), buys a Senate seat (Jackson), backs underage sex-trafficking (Cleaver), lives with a pimp (Frank), lies about racism (Carnahan), and on and on and on...

THEY ARE DEMOCRATS and IT IS EXPECTED OF THEM! They have no morals, there is no God, praise homosexuals, be politically correct, kill your baby, tax global warming, embrace illegals, bigger government is the answer to everything. The most corrupt Democrat is the most exalted

courtesy of fantum

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by David W. Andersen