Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Element

So WE THE PEOPLE have spoken during the mid-term election. We feel pretty good because we made historic gains in the House of Representatives (Most since 1948). The president spoke today and took some responsibility, and most people will lose focus on government now because they feel they 'spanked' the Dem's enough so they will behave for awhile... Oh but there is so much more.

The worst time for a liberal leader is when they are in the majority. In this time they can't help being cruel to conservatives, spend and grow government, pay back their political allies (using our tax $$), pass restrictive regulations that infringe on our constitutional freedoms, and worst of all..they occasionally tell us what they REALLY Believe. This comes out in actions and communications that show how little they care about minorities and women, how much they despise the citizens right to free speech, How they hate the freedoms we have to pursue happiness with out their help or control, and how much they hate America and want to fundamentally change our constitutional structure. (Oops! Did I say that)

They arrogantly tell us what light bulbs to use, what to eat and not eat, which car we have to drive, who gets handouts and who doesn't, who keeps their home and who loses it. The constitution doesn't provide the government any of these powers and yet they take and usurp power that is not theirs. This is the ultimate definition of a liberal in politics today. Given the opportunity they will go this route every single time.. but we forget.

But now Democrats are entering into what I call Their ELEMENT. This is a function similar to a pack of dogs nipping at the heel, or a swarm of gnats drawing minute amounts of blood. They are really good a picking and nipping at real leaders who try to pragmatically restore our economy, government, security, freedom etc.. This has traditionally been the role of conservatives in the United States. This has worked well for them in the past because the main stream media is also really good at taking the Dem's lead and ballooning a story in order to demonize a conservative leader. They are good at diverting attention away from the good conservatives are doing to mire them with made up and mis-characterized stories that results in a deluge of gnat-like reporter asking stupid questions over and over. I can remember when Newt Gingrich was trying to balance the budget and the Dem's wouldn't compromise and dared Newt the shut down the government. The story should have been on the Dem's unwillingness to work with Republicans but NOOOOOOOOO. The headlines and stories were all about how Newt Gingrich wanted to starve our school children. And it would not go away.

So as we enter this next term for congress watch carefully what the House leaders communicate to us and how ABC, NBC, CNN, CBS and others choose to highlight as their headline stories. If you pay attention you will see amazing teamwork. The press will highlight (or make up) a twisted point of view and report it, then Dem minority leaders in the house will publicly lambaste the republicans and cite the news story as their source but they will say it like "The press is reporting.."

Our only hope to get Obama out of office in 2012 is for our new House members to take a stand and NOT compromise with Obama, but rather tell him how it is going to be. Pass a repeal of the health care plan and force Obama to VETO it. Pass Tax cut extensions for all and force Obama to VETO it. This will go along way toward getting him out in 2012. If our new members don't do this they will feel the wrath in 2012 and beyond.

The people are watching...

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by David W. Andersen