Thursday, August 6, 2009


Some how this poster is now a statement of Racism and is propagated by Republicans.
Sarah Palin is now the poster child of Racism in America (no really read this post)
All of the people speaking out to their Senators and Congressman at town hall meetings are actually hired thugs from the Republican party. They are racists carrying swastikas and saying such horrific things as 'Read The Bill'.
Somehow, when democrats are blocking entrances to polling places armed with billy clubs they are just doing their patriotic duty to balance out the Republican racist hatred.
But don't worry. Even though unemployment has hit 9.6% and there are 34,000,000 people on food stamps, the stimulus is working and we have been saved by President Obama once again.
The president has formed an enemy's list and is asking his ACORN operatives to report any 'fishy' comments by reporting people to But don't be intimidated folks he is only after Racist Republicans who happen to believe in the archaic concept of 'Freedom of Speech' (that is so last Century)
Oh and did you hear, we won the war on terror? Yeah, the president now says the war is over and terms like 'War on terrorism', 'Global War' and 'Jihadist' are no longer allowed .. So that means we won, right? We are safe now?
Well, I don't know about Republicanism = Racism, but I do think it equals Cowardice because not many are standing up against the lies and rewriting of history that this adminsitration and congress are actively participating in as we speak.
Our vote should go to those willing to stand up for truth and promote constitutional principals in 2010 and 2012. No other country has a document like the US Constitution and liberals only want to water it down and destroy it.

In early April 2009 Yale's chapter of the American Constitutional Society sponsored a conference at Yale Law School titled "The Constitution in 2020." The stated purpose of the conference, at which some of America's best-known liberal law professors appeared, was to work toward a "progressive" consensus as to what the Constitution should provide for by the year 2020, and a strategy for how liberal lawyers and judges might bring such a constitutional regime into being.
The conference web site describes the event as follows:
It is time for progressives to set a constitutional agenda for the 21st Century. In 1987-88, the Reagan Justice Department produced a white paper known as "The Constitution in 2000" which, by taking a long view rather than focusing on the immediate issues of the day, was immensely successful in influencing the Constitution under which we now live. If progressives are to rehabilitate that Constitution, they must now, more than ever, articulate constitutional ideals capable of inspiring the next generation.
I kinda liked the life I had in America BO (Before Obama)

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