Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What A Joke(r)

This poster is showing up all over Los Angeles and Atlanta. The news media is calling this 'Dangerous' and uses phrases like 'Crossing The Line'.

Liberals are so thin skinned, their websites don't post comments on stories that do not agree with their philosophy because they can't handle the diversity of opinions which are not their point of view.

...lets take a trip backward down memory lane. This is not the first president that was depicted as the Joker.

This was published by Vanity Fair with the title: George W. Bush: Comic-Book Villain?

Here were some of the Liberal Comments following the article:

So true. Only his puppet strings are missing. :-)Posted 7/29/2008 by MimiSoleil

Very good!!! Posted 7/29/2008 by juckto

Poor Joker, he doesn't deserve this. Bush isn't good enough to wear his face. Posted 7/29/2008 by japsmov

Brilliant and profound. Posted 7/29/2008 by swordofdamocles

would have been more appropriate if it had been Dick Cheney. Bush, most likely, would have been the guy who helped the pencil disappear. If that's too thick for all you out there, I'm saying Bush is just an idiot thug who has been used by Dick Cheney to meet his ends. Bush will not be remembered kindly by history, and is already frowned upon by his nation. Cheney is still largely ignored, and will likely go on to make millions after his term is over while Bush, if he attempts to run a business again, will, as per usual, drive it into the ground because he has no idea what in the living hell he is doing. Posted 7/30/2008 by deadaluspark


Truth isn't relative it is Absolute. You can't condone mocking the office of president when one person hold the office and react in abject horror when it happens to 'your guy'. I like what one person said about the ObamaJoker poster.

"Liberals and Democrats in general have thin skin. And, if they control a blog like Huffington Post or news site comment section, they will not show opinions they disagree with. I think the biggest reason this poster bothers them so much is because they can't control what people will think when they see the posters. They are worried that people will realize that their emperor has no cloths."
- Bukakke, Minneapolis USA, 04/8/2009 15:01

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