Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Time To Bow Down

Few people are aware of a bill circulating in Congress right now to build a statue of Barack Obama.

On page 58 in the bill is a clause for voluntary obeisance (Bowing) to show glorious respect and reverence to Mr. Obama.

Buried in the 300th page is a 5 year expiration of the voluntary portion on page 58. This statue will be mass produced and is slated to be located in every public school, library and federal building.

The penalty for not bowing to the statue will result in a 3 month sequestering to attend special classes where an indepth study of Mr. Obama's speeches are to take place.

Apparently the Obama administration has become increasingly offended that someone else hold the title of 'American Idol' and he means to rectify it.

Prayers to God on the subject were intercepted and sent to


Is there really a bill going through congress like this? Not that I know of but if you could even slightly react to this blog by believing it could be true.. you need to vote Obama out in 2012.

One more note: Michelle Obama is said to replace Paula Abdul in Idol season 9 as she claims she has more experience judging the one true American Idol than anyone alive.

Hey could be worse, you could be bowing down to this:

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by David W. Andersen