Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Obama's Health care plan.... SECRETS, SECRETS, SECRETS.... All the statements about this health care plan of Obama's, is so secret; it's kept between the bureaucrats and us the American public is kept in the dark. Well, wake up Politicians, I happen to be an intelligent person and have unanswered questions. What, Why, Where and How is this health care plan going to affect the people who pay taxes. We have no idea what the government is passing or not passing. HELP! We need to have facts on this bill. All we hear is what the media wants us to know. This is a SECRET mission of bureaucrats for sure!

The American people are going to take a stand on this issue of this Healthcare plan.... It doesn't sound beneficial to the people, especially the Seniors. Why is the government signaling out the aged. They have as much right to live as the younger generation. They deserve whatever health care they need.... We are talking here about the Grandparents of some of our greatest Inventors, Doctors, Lawyers, etc. Are the bureaucrat Grandparents going to be the gifted ones and get to live... THINK ABOUT THIS, as this is what is being proposed.

By: Bruce Messimer (Point Blank guest journalist)

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