Sunday, August 2, 2009

We Just Don't Know What Is Good For Us

I am a student of government modes of practice as well as inherent attitudes that prevail within the 'system'. One prevailing attitude in Government is that 'we do things that people don't like but it's for their own good, I mean people just don't know what's good for them..'

You hear this in teacher's lounges as they are discussing the situation with kids and how their parents don't know what is good for the children.

The most recent example of this is the health care debate. Let me first say that I believe that something needs to be done to lower the cost of health care overall. However, diluting the system by adding everyone (including those here illegally) at the tax payers expense for some universal system, is not a good idea nor is it a popular one according to polls.

There is overwhelming evidence which becomes clearer with each passing day, that Americans do not want to risk their own health care plans costs and services to a government experiment in socialism over a national health care plan. Yet all we hear in the news is how this administration is trying to rush this along and sign it into law when nobody has a clue what is in the plan.

Bottom line, those that voted them into office are clearly against this concept of universal health plans. Even the liberal news sources are conceding the point on the polls. However, as good minions to the Dems, they too are picking up the mantra of 'people just don't seem to know what is good for them'.

Shall I spell out their position? You and I are smart enough to cast our votes to elect them but when it comes to running our own lives.. leave it to the government thank you very much.

We will tell you what to drive, how to discipline your children, how old you will be when you receive 'end of life' counseling instead of the medical procedures you need to extend your life, we will tell you that you are killing the planet so you need to pay more for your humanity, we will tell you that you are too fat and need to pay a fat tax on your food, did you know that forcing your children to go to Sunday school, read the Bible and pray is going to be grounds to take away your kids on the basis of religious abuse in the very near future? The list goes way on and on..

So the government has assumed the parental role for us all. Who says you don't get to choose your parents.

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by David W. Andersen