Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Show Must Go On

Watching the main-bagger media report on the Democrats is like watching a 2 year old act surprised over and over again when grandpa pulls yet another quarter from behind his ear.
Really, how many times do the Dems have to create a crisis, suffer the consequences and then turn around and blame conservatives in general or specifically a notable conservative, before someone says "Hmmm, I've seen this template before"?

It has been going on for years and the Media has been complicit.
  • Barney Frank pushed hard with a 'Roll of the dice" to require yet a higher percentage of sub prime loans to be offered to otherwise disqualified applicants. It's documented, in the NYT and other notable papers (it was heralded infact) as bold and there were no apparent ill effects in a robust economy.

  • Then the bottom falls out of the housing market and all these sub prime loans collapse. Because they had been bought up by Freddie and Fanny and repackaged as secure top rated loans, some pretty notable banks and brokerage firms were suddenly in very big trouble. Bush didn't point fingers he just acted, even if it was the wrong action he kept the office of the President with integrity and non partisanship. Bush bows out quietly, and Barack storms into the White house.

  • Barney, Nancy and Barack promptly blame the economy on Bush (citing no causation except his tax cuts hahahahahahahaha) and the Media says "yeah it's Bushes Fault!"

Fast forward to the August Town hall anger. It all started in April:

  • Barack had just slammed the $787 billion stimulus package through congress giving no one ample time to read the bill stating that if we didn't pass this bill NOW unemployment was going to hit (pinky to the mouth) 8.5%. (It hit 9.5% in June but is actually much higher since they dropped 780,000 unemployed folks from the tally as of July and it went down to 9.4%). The President is telling us it will reach 10% (probably because it already IS 10%)

  • Citizens responded to Rick Santori's (a mainstream media financial analyst) comment about the anger of folks to hold 'Tea Parties' like we did against England during our fight for independence. Hundreds of thousands of people attended these rallies all across America on April 15th, symbolically protesting the principal of putting us in this kind of debt.

  • The mainstream media called them 'tea baggers' (a derogatory sexual term). They said this was organized by the Republicans (hey if Republicans were this good they'd have won the election in 2008). They called US Citizen's ugly names using ugly labels and chuckled as they under reported the numbers. Using the term 'astro turf' instead of 'grass roots' to describe the movement. (Astro turf are paid professional protesters that are political mercenaries, invented by community organizers like Barack i.e. ACORN)

  • The director of Homeland Security then put out an official report on terrorism citing a warning to local law enforcement to be on the lookout for everyone from War Veterans, to those who hold religious convictions that abortion is wrong, to basically anyone who had a bumper sticker on their car with a conservative message. They first dismissed the protesters, then ridiculed them and finally tried to intimidate them (sound like a template you have heard before)

  • July 2009, Barack tries to get his health care initiative passed before the August recess neglecting to release details of the bill, hoping to pull the same thing they did with the stimulus back in February/March. But too many Senators and Congressman were concerned about the polls showing their own constituents were against a one trillion dollar health care plan that was run by the Government. They decided to post pone the vote until after the August break. Customarily these folks go back to their districts and hold town hall meetings to hear from those who put them in office (presumably so they can actually represent them).

  • All HELL broke loose when these same people who marched at the tea parties were now behind microphones with a captive audience. It has put the Democrats back on their heels and Politicians everywhere exhibited the same 'deer in the headlights' shock at having someone (their bosses) grade them on their performance. The final grade will come in the 2010 elections. (Talk about chickens coming home to roost)

  • So lets see how the White House, Congress and Media reacted:

  • The president said these were too well organized to be real people with real passion. The Congress lashed out calling them Nazi's and brown shirt tactics. The media called them Tea-Baggers and dismissed them as frauds (play that funky music white boy). Oh yeah we can't forget the reference (as always) that these people are RACISTS.

  • THEN the President tells the Congress (Dems) that "if they hit you we will hit back twice as hard" (old habits die hard for Barry). The President, as is his nature as a community organizer, puts the unions into the mix, telling them to 'even out' the Republican hate machine (or some such Lombardy-esque jargon). And we have the very first violent rally where union members are assaulting otherwise peaceful yet opinionated demonstrators.

  • AND the media refers immediately to the 'tea-baggers' turning violent. "Now they're getting violent" (Let me tell you as someone who has participated in peaceful demonstrations for conservative issues, one common tactic is for a liberal to 'blend in' to the ranks and then start violence to later be used to characterize the entire movement as 'violent'.) But the arrogance of the Dem's in Power was eveident as the perpetrators of the violence were wearing their union tee shirts (no comment from the media)
  • (Here it comes)
  • BARACK then sends out an email/blog asking 'citizens' to report any 'fishy' emails by sending them to a address.
  • (Wait for it)
  • And the media sits there amazed as Barack pulls another quarter from behind their ears (while pulling wool over their eyes)

Dismiss, Ridicule, Intimidate

Dismiss, Ridicule, Intimidate

Dismiss, Ridicule, Intimidate

That was in a book no? Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals?

...And no one seems to be able to understand why people are so angry.

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